Tasty Gonzalez at Leicester Market

Just a few short months ago I was complaining about the lack of decent street food in Leicester, and then I was forced to shut up by the Continental Market coming to town. Now, I have a permanent place where I can sate my craving for high quality, fresh but affordable food of a lunch time in the city centre.

It’s Tasty Gonzelez, and they’ve got a regular spot and Leicester Market on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. I was excited to go down in their first week as I’d read about them opening on Twitter and I love South American food ever since our adventures there in 2009.

Their menu is surprisingly varied for such a cute little stall – they offer a range of smoothies made fresh in front of you as well as other soft drinks. The main event are the sandwiches, with thick soft tortillas and your choice of filling, including chicken, steak and butternuet squash, spiced prawn, mozzerella and apricot or vegetarian 3 bean chilli. They come with a huge hunk of fresh salad and can be partnered up with a drink for a meal deal.

I opted for the empanadas as that is the thing that reminds me the most of eating out in Chile (although the stall holder herself is actually Colombian). And glad I was indeed to have chosen them. You can get them with fries or a tortilla. I opted for the fries which were crisp and lovely and fluffy in the centre. Not the healthiest meal, but a lovely treat nonetheless. The empanadas had a wonderful crisp batter and the filling is a lightly spiced chicken with a bit of potato. They were topped with a homemade chimichurri which was vibrantly fresh. All in all it was a satisfying and delicious meal. I can heartily recommend you pop down and sample their wares!

Tasty Gonzalez were not aware I was reviewing them for my blog. I paid for my meal in full.


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