REVIEW: La Grande Maison, Best hotel in Bergerac

Sometimes you have such a wonderful experience that you just have to hold it in your mind, cuddle the memory and let out a little contented sigh every time you think about it. Staying at La Grande Maison during our recent trip to Bergerac was one such experience.

There is so much to say, but so much I would also prefer that you discover for yourself. Therefore a list of my edited highlights must suffice:

Fabulous service – Phyllis and her family are literally the most friendly and accommodating people we have ever had the pleasure to encounter in a guesthouse. Nothing is too much trouble. In fact if anything, we tried to make sure we needed as little as possible because she would do so much for us that we felt guilty.

Excellent breakfast – varied every day, but generally a mixture of bread, local pastries, fruit, yoghurts and other delectable treats. Much more than you can possibly eat, but I’m sure you’ll have a good try just like we did. There are also tea and coffee facilities available for guests throughout the day and occasional sweet treats left out for you in the afternoon.

Great facilities – The wifi has recently been refitted with a booster, so we got an excellent signal. There is a swimming pool with a small pool house and additional towels for the pool will be made available to you. There are bikes freely available for your use, which allows for some lovely rides through the countryside vineyards. The beds are soft and comfortable, the rooms are furnished with lovely antiques and a TV room and lounge is available, should you not find enough to fill your time in Bergerac that you need to watch the telly.

It is tidy, peaceful (the large garden and conifer hedge keep it well sheltered from the road), an easy walk into Bergerac town and the rates are incredibly reasonable. I cannot recommend it enough and hope we find our way back to Bergerac one day to enjoy this incredible hospitality and service again. Love it.

La Maison Grande were not aware that I was going to write a review 
and I only decided to do so half way through the stay because it was just so lovely.


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