#BeerGardenLeicester: The Old Red Lion, Thorpe Langton

Completing the set of Langton based pub gardens, we headed to the Old Red Lion, another pub that we just stumbled across by accident. This one has been included as a direct way of demonstrating why I am scoring points for quality of furniture when judging the best beer gardens in the county!

Size and exclusivity
It’s a big pub and quite a small terrace next to it. It seems to be mainly frequented by locals – you’d really be hard pressed to get here from too far away, so there is plenty of room, but it is not the most salubrious of surroundings, although I was impressed by the friendly welcome of the staff there.
Early Doors
Not to bad, there is a dash of sun, but nothing incredibly special. 


It’s a real shame that this is just concrete jungle despite being based deep in the Leicestershire countryside. There is a big field, hidden away next door – if only they owned that, away from the road, it would be perfect. Instead you’re stuck on an annex of the car park and you might as well be city centre bound, unless you fancy craning your neck to get a view of the fields beyond!
They have Cloud wifi and I could just about get a consistent signal while we were there, so not bad.

You’re on your own with the elements here. Wind, rain, snow? You had better get yourself inside. Even just a summer shower would soak you to the skin here.
These tables have seen some action
These tables and chairs look like they have been key players in numerous bar brawls (I’m sure there are no bar brawls at the Old Red Lion, but you can see what I mean from the photo.) Battered and tattered, it is quite a fun game trying to find somewhere to set your drink where it won’t immediately topple over on to the floor. Which is of course a less fun game than being able to relax and enjoy your drink.

Nothing of note.

Pub Dogs
Nope, barely even a pigeon.


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