#BeerGardenLeicester: The Langton Arms, Church Langton

Our trip through the beer gardens of this fair county, to find the top pubs, continues with the Langton Arms in Church Langton. We’ve never been there before so it was entirely new and exciting to us.

Size and exclusivity 
This garden was massive – a really good size, but totally empty. In fact the pub was empty bar one customer and the barmaid. And we had to face what I am now coming to think of as The Wall of Local Silence when we arrived. So perhaps a little too exclusive?
Early Doors
A very open garden on top of a hill so I would imagine the after work sun potential is massive here. It’s a billion miles away from anywhere though, so that will not be particularly useful for you city dwellers!

A mid-table ranking for the smarts here. As you can see, they have the obligatory big old wheel, lots of green grass and rugged borders full of plants, but it did feel a little bit unmaintained in areas, particularly the courtyard outside of the building itself which wasn’t quite as appealing. The big bag of sand on the patio was a bit random too.
Some slight wifi signal worked in the garden nearest to the pub – don’t stray too far though!

Absolutely excellent facilities in this regard – a dedicated covered shelter, large enough for several tables, with heaters. Sheltered on the side as well so it would get you out of the wind. You can’t really ask for more.

Generic picnic tables, in need of a lick of paint but otherwise apparently all complete and functional!

We had a cube of wood on our table when we arrived. Worth remarking on, but possible not interesting or random enough to warrant a point.
A rubbish photo. It was very cool though.

Pub Dogs
No dogs, but certainly points to be awarded by the low flying Red Kite that we were treated to for the first half hour or so of our visit. A rare Great British bird, this was giving us a spectacular display of hovering and swooping and causing us to try in vain to get a fabulous photo when it flew low, right over our heads. The benefits of the country pub.

Edit: 04/07/15 – I’ve decided to add physical accessibility notes to each of the #beergardenleicester reviews. The Langton Arms does have flat, step free access to the garden, but the interior of the pub itself is quite narrow so I would check before visiting if it is suitable for wheelchairs.


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