#BeergardenLeicester: The Black Horse

Well we’re still testing out beer gardens like a fury, and we don’t have many more weeks to go until the winner is announced! We headed down to the newly refurbished Black Horse on Braunstone Gate to check out their renovations.

Size and exclusivity
The Black Horse may be a tiny pub, but the new upstairs terrace is a really good size with plenty of tables and room to accommodate a large number of guests. The word is out now and so it’s not the well kept secret it used to be and it does get busy, especially on a sunny afternoon.
Early Doors
Fabulous sunshine awaits on a sunny day after work. The terrace is perfectly placed for you to soak up every last drop of warmth. It’s a total sun trap.
The Boy and friends continue to enjoy being forced to endlessly visit beer gardens and pose for photos.
Newly refurbished and well maintained, the terrace has fun and funky signs decorating it, plenty of tables and chairs to enjoy and a great atmosphere. The only draw back is that it faced on to the massive Tesco, which isn’t the best view in the world, but it is interesting to people watch the car park and see the comings and goings.

Not a bad coverage – the Black Horse has its own wifi with an extension which does reach just about up to the terrace. You might also be able to jump on the signal from the Tesco if your device is clever enough!

Not particularly well defended here in case of aggressive elements. No cover, no heaters, no mercy!

Very cool tables – some made with scaffolding frames, some repurposed cast iron sewing machine legs, with treadles still in place. I was finding it very soothing to sit and treadle while I enjoyed my drink. Very cool.

The Boy did spot the shape of a hawk in the wood grain on our table but I didn’t get a picture of it, so no points there I’m afraid.

Pub Dogs
Nope. Too high up, too many narrow stairs


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