Leicester Cultural Quarter App launch!

Camels in the Cultural Quarter – that happened

Following on from the #ThisWeekInTheCQ campaign I covered a few weeks ago, there is more excitement in Leicester’s Cultural Quarter as the Cultural Quarter Business Association looks to help the area reach its fullest potential for local residents and businesses. They will be rebranding as the Cultural Quarter Association and launching a new app which will explore the hidden gems of the area.

To celebrate, they will be holding a free CQ App party at LCB Depot this weekend and everyone’s invited! Local businesses can head down between 3pm and 6pm on Friday to find out what the CQ App is all about. A family friendly event will be held on Saturday between 12pm and 4pm so everyone can pop along and find out what is happening in our Cultural Quarter. The event coincides with the St George’s Day festivities in Orton Square and beyond (which includes a particularly exciting-sounding Dinosaur Hunt) so you can bring the kids along and make a day of it!

Having seen some sneaky peeks of the app, I am really excited about it. I really hope that everyone takes the chance to check out the great stuff happening up this end of town and it continues to grow as an inclusive, playful and vibrant area of the city.


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