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I’ve been off on my adventures tasting wine in France, but now I’m back and so we can continue with our exploration of Leicester’s best beer gardens. Don’t forget to drop me your suggestions and nominations with the hashtag #beergardenleicester at @Morrighani on Twitter. Thanks to @interiorhistory for this suggestion.
Size and exclusivity
This terrace is an excellent size. The Cosy Club is massive, but this is roomy enough to accommodate a large number of people. But having said that, it’s still relatively under used as not only have some people not yet visited the Cosy Club (why not? check out my review) but even peple who just visit the bar end may not have even realised it existed. Walk to the far end of the the restaurant and… ta da!
Early Doors
Not bad – if you can get here early, early doors, you’ll get some sun. Definitely a pleasant place to while away a weekend afternoon. However after about 6pm the sun sadly tips behind the grey gloom of the back of the hotel or casino or whatever the horrible thing is out front.
Apart from the concrete gloom view that I just mentioned, it looks really good. The chairs and tables are all new and kept nice and clean. They put in bamboo when the Cosy Club opened which I presumed is intended to grow into a slightly more pleasant coverage than the present view in future times. It’s a clean, well maintained and welcoming balcony.
Plus I would like to award spurious bonus points for the rainbow on a sunny day which we were treated to when we arrived. I know they can’t have arranged it for us, but there you go. My review, my rules.

Not really. They have their own wifi which you can easily log in to indoors, but it doesn’t really reach to the terrace. I occasionally got some notifications while I was out there so it was definitely in and out, but I couldn’t actually check my tweets or anything as the signal was weak and intermittent.

Excellent proofing against the British summer here. Large umbrella with heaters built in and even a basket of fleecy blankets by the back door to put over your knees if you’re feeling chilly!

All clean and new and in fab and funky Continental cafe style. Comfy enough and all well maintained.
Got to be points for rainbows and blankets as I have already mentioned. Cosy by name, Cosy by nature.

Pub Dogs
Sadly not – unless a pigeon flies over, this garden is devoid of wildlife and domesticated animals.

Edit: 04/07/15 – I’ve decided to add physical accessibility notes to each of the #beergardenleicester reviews. Unfortunately the Cosy Club has one step down to its terrace. While this will still be possible to navigate for people with limited mobility issues, it may be difficult for people who use wheelchairs to access the terrace, particularly if they visit alone.


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