#BeerGardenLeicester: 33 Cank Street

One of the most fun places we have stopped on our #beergardenleicester adventure so far has been 33 Cank Street. This is a relatively new cocktail bar slap bang in the heart of the city centre. Thanks to @interiorhistory for the nomination.

Size and exclusivity
It’s perfectly petite and exclusive. Still not really on many people’s radar it seems, the few tables are enough to cater for the clientele at the moment. Small, but perfectly formed.
Early Doors
The sun quotient is admittendly not great here as it is placed under a small roof! We asked the bar staff and they told us there was a short window on a sunny day where the sun hits the terrace, but it doesn’t last for long. Still, it is pretty, so perhaps that makes up for it.
This place has all the smarts, from the elegant railings to the cute and comfortable continental style cafe tables. There is even a sweet bureau holding a menu by the door and enough potted plants and trees to make it a very pleasant place to while away an hour.

Pretty good wifi coverage here. They have their own wifi so check at the bar for the password. It’s small enough to get a signal throughout.
Pretty easy to escape the summer rain here! We were actually here through a massive downpour one day and managed to stay totally dry despite the torrential conditions. Definitely one for the hesitant traveller.
Again, small but perfectly formed, the tables are nice and new and in beautiful condition. Elegant and clean lined, this is an excellently furnished terrace. Bonus points for the bureau too – I want it for my house.
Points for table service, points for professional, friendly and welcoming staff who deliver the table service and don’t take themselves too seriously! Points for cute embossed menu holders, points for good lighting and points for excellent cucumber steeped water being provided immediately to the table. All the points really, it’s these little extras that add a touch of luxury to your pub visit.

Pub Dogs 
Again, sadly no dogs. I did see a pigeon though, does that count?
Can I award points for staff photobombs?

Edit: 04/07/15 – I’ve decided to add physical accessibility notes to each of the #beergardenleicester reviews. The terrace here is small, but flexible and has direct, step free access from the pavement so should be no problem for people with mobility issues.


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