Take a #sodaselfie with Bossa Cafe Bar

There is a UK exclusive going on in Leicester. Soda Folk, Colorado’s own small batch soft drink craft brewers have teamed up with our very own Bossa Cafe Bar. Grab yourself a Cream Soda, Black Cherry or (The Boy’s obsessive love) a Root Beer. Made with all natural ingredients and sweetened with cane sugar, these are the true taste of the western states. Delicious!

Up until 30th April 2015 you have the opportunity to bag yourself 6 bottles in a super simple social media competition. Just head down to Bossa, buy yourself a Soda Folk and take a #sodaselfie. Spend a moment tweeting it with the hashtag. Then you can relax and enjoy your beverege in one of Leicester’s friendliest, cosiest little bars. You win, and then you might win more!

May the quirkiest selfie win!

Unlikely to be a winning #sodaselfie


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