Have yourself a very un-lazy breakfast

Those friendly folk at Roberts Bakery have been at it again, sending me some lovely treats and reminding me to take a bit more time for a good breakfast. I am, admittedly, quite rubbish at breakfast usually – a quick bit of toast or nothing at all. Not that there’s anything wrong with toast, as I may have mentioned before. It makes splendid pictures. However, it can be made in a trice, consumed without thought and just as readily forgotten. We need to take more time for our breakfast, more consideration for ourselves and the start to the day.

Food isn’t just fuel, it’s life, fun, culture and nurture. Make yourself a breakfast you love, or if you just have time for something simple then think about it a bit more. I’ll start.

I made my simple toast a bit more interesting by placing it on my shiny new toast rack. It was exciting, it made it feel like I was having breakfast in a hotel, even though I made it. And while I was eating it, I got to thinking, what are toast racks for? I don’t have any real idea. All I can guess is that it must be purely aesthetic. They keep your bits of toast separate and so it cools down quicker. This is not a positive thing to do to toast.

I was actually vaguely aware of this, and you may be able to tell from the picture that I buttered my toast first so the toast was still hot enough to melt it. But it still went cold. So, my question is very real.

What are toast racks for?

After my philosophical breakfast, I decided to put my Robert’s goodies to good use and make one of my favourite breakfasts ever. Dippy eggs. In my nice new egg cup. Sadly by that point I had run out of Roberts bread and had to use another, not as soft and fluffy bread. But you can’t have everything.

Egg and soldiers.

Mmmm…. Now I’ve mentioned them, you want them don’t you?

Look upon their majesty!

And I bet you’re thinking “I haven’t had boiled eggs for aaaages”. Well you’re a bad person. Have them for breakfast tomorrow. I made myself do it, and it really doesn’t take very long. If you can’t boil an egg, just remember you have to put them in cold water, bring it to the boil and then boil for 3 minutes. Don’t just boil for 3 minutes. They won’t be cooked. So it maybe takes 6 minutes in total. You can make a brew and feed the cats while the water comes to the boil. You might even be able to get your lunch packed up for the day or do a spot of washing up. Then you can get your toast on while the three minutes counts down.

It’s lush. I didn’t leave for work any later, but I did leave a lot happier. These aren’t lazy breakfasts, but they are better breakfasts. And if you remember eating it, (whether you’re ruminating why you put the toast in that rack and therefore are now eating cold toast, or if you’re going ‘mmm, a bite of dippy egg’ followed by ‘mmm, a bite of dippy egg’) then you feel less hungry. Fact.*

* It might be a fact. I did just make it up, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.



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