Treat your Valentine

Are you feeling all soft and fluffy this Valentine’s Day? The folks at Roberts Bakery certainly are! They’ve used their Soft and Fluffy white loaf to create a special sweet recipe for you to treat your loved one. With the king of the aphrodisiacs, the strawberry to the fore, I think you’ll find there’s an unusal twist to this recipe!


Well, I offered, in the true spirit of the season, to make this for The Boy as a special pre-Valo treat and I’m disappointed to say he didn’t want it! I think that he just couldn’t get to grips with the idea of a strawberry sandwich. I hope that your special one has more adventurous taste!

Since I didn’t get to put the recipe to the test, I decided to put the Soft and Fluffy white loaf that Roberts had sent us to good use and surprise The Boy with breakfast in bed this morning, using the cute heart shaped cutter they had sent us just to show him how much I appreciate him.

I combined our favourite ingredients – bacon for him and avocado for me – to create a super delicious brekkie special. It worked so well with the crispy bacon, creamy avo all wrapped in the soft caress of Roberts white bread. The only downside was that I had to head off to work almost immediately, so I didn’t get to enjoy any more of the soft caress of my bed with it! But he appreciated the effort, even the heart shape of the buttie (even if I couldn’t cut the bacon with it!) I reckon I’ll be well in his good books ready for Saturday now, even if my Roberts sandwich creation is nowhere near as healthy as the lovely recipe they have created!

Since I’m totally bored of only having my ipod to take photos, which are all fuzzy and rubbish, I decided to create a vine of the sandwich creation for your enjoyment. Vine is a media which suits that lack of definition. I hope you enjoy my Bacon Witch Project and wish you all a love-filled Valentine’s Day!


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