Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust are raising awareness about the importance of smear tests in the early detection of cervical cancer. Numbers being diagnosed with cervical cancer are on the increase, but this can be stopped.

1 in 10 young women in the UK think the test is actually to check for STDs and many give their reason for not attending smear tests as seeing it as an unecessary test that will be painful and embarrasing. It is none of these things. Don’t be the one in five women who skip their smear, just a simple five minute test could protect you from infertility or even save your life.

So here’s my smeary selfie. Those of you who know me will know I’m not a big lipstick wearer, so I can 100% confirm that finding a lipstick and then cleaning my face after taking this photo was much more hassle than having a smear test.

You can add your own #smearforsmear on Twitter, mentioning @Jotrust and nominate a friend to do the same!


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