Learning to sew: The ukelele case

We went to Hawaii, I came home and bought a ukelele. Yes, it’s all a bit predictable isn’t it? But it did not have a case, coming off Ebay for a fiver as it did. So this was the perfect opportunity to put some of my new sewing prowess to the test and to learn some new techniques.

This is not a tutorial, I will quite happily admit that the bulk of the pattern I used was inspired by this lovely tutorial at Mommy by Day, Crafter by Night, which is excellent and has some easy to follow instructions.

I changed it a bit – I used a medium wadding instead of duck cloth, had a different zip arrangement, with patches to secure the open ends of the zip, and I also added an additional layer of padding under the lining given that my ukelele case is intended to see a certain amount of outdoor travel.

And of course, it is patchworked. Mmmmm, love my collection of vintage patchwork squares that I inherited from my mother.

That said, it means that this blog post is a gratuitous excuse for me to post endless pictures of my new ukelele case because I am so made up with it. I have tried new things – it was my first delve into quilting, something I would like to take forward. I added an additional layer of plain fabric on the quilted sections to stop the wadding from catching.

I also made my own bias binding (in RAINBOW fabric you’ll note) and had a go at piping, so there are lots of new skills to take forward there. Hopefully you can see that it also has purple and white polka dot fabric as a contrasting lining. I am pretty pleased with the hand sewn lining, it is neater than I would have hoped.

It’s not perfect and I’ve learned a lot that hopefully I can take forward, but practice is perfect right? It’s taken me ages, but rightfully so. I think I’ve gained a bit more confidence in having a go at trickier projects now… Bring on the Halloween costume!


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0 thoughts on “Learning to sew: The ukelele case

  • Aww, thanks Kay! But owning a ukelele is not necessarily the same as being able to play a ukelele. I do know the correct Hawai'ian pronounciation for it now though (and also how to correctly pronounce Hawai'i).

  • You are so clever! Not only can you play a ukelelelele (sp?), you can also make a fabulous patchwork cover. It's beautiful. I adore patchwork and used to make things with it myself years ago. Nothing as complex as this though. Love it! Kay

  • Thank you! I'm getting there… next stop will be Halloween and chaise longue cover I think!

  • For a first attempt at quilting and embellishing with a variety of other skills is amazing. I take my hat off to you. Just goes to show that with a can do/I'll give it a try attitude anything is achievable. The finished product is bright, funky and fully functional. Well done, can't wait to see the next project :)


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