REVIEW & COMPETITION: EQUIP+ Waterless Wash Products

Since we are in festival season, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to EQUIP, a great range of innovative products to help keep you clean and fresh wherever you are. I really love these products, they have great, bright and durable packaging, great ideas and a unique approach to taking the crud out of camping and the sweat out of safaris!

Basically, wherever you don’t have ready access to soap and hot water, you can sleep an EQUIP product in your bag and stay feeling as a fresh as a daisy. I have been sent the whole range of products to try out and I confess that I have not tried the waterless wash shower cap, probably the most exciting of all the products, yet because I want to save it for my forthcoming holiday. I cannot imagine anything nicer than being able to wash my hair straight after a long haul flight to refresh and revive me! So you’ll have to forgive me for holding off on reviewing this particular product until the optimum moment!

It’s such a cool idea, a shower cap impregnated with both shampoo and conditioner. Just whack it on your bonce, massage for a few minutes and then towel dry and style. You can even pop it in the microwave for a couple of seconds if you prefer a hot wash. So simple, but brilliant, move over dry shampoo, this isn’t a cover up job, this is a real wash. I love it and can think of a million occasions when having clean, freshly washed hair would make my life that much more enjoyable.

I did take the oversized wipes out for a test drive, and boy are they big! Lightly scented, with a faint hint of aloe vera they are pleasant to use and big and strong enough to hose yourself down all over. They dealt with the accumulation of sweaty odour from my cycle home in the sun with ease and their deodorising power kept me dry and fresh. They are totally durable for a full all over wash and still really compact in the packet so you could pop them easily into a day bag or weekend carryall to take anywhere with you.

They give a lovely clean feel and are ever so slightly moisturising so you get soft, neutral smelling skin, which is really pleasant and super easy.

I think I’ll spare you an image of the protective wipes. No-one wants too much information about intimate areas or a blog post filled with white squares, so here’s their lovely, simple, but well designed packaging instead. They are formulated with the anti-itch Canadian Willow Herb which gives an interesting scent and the promise of gentle cleaning. I find them to be again a convenient product which will get the most use when we’re out and about. It has been a busy week at work, so not much time for that right now, but I will get to make good use of these before the summer is out.

Finally, we have the super thick wash mitts, which do exactly what they say on the tin. They come in a pack of four, and are really, really great for cleaning your back – an area that is a bit tricky with just a standard wipe. They are excellent quality, we were tempted to turn them inside out so we could both use the same one. I think that would have worked fine, but was perhaps a step too far in the ick stakes for us, however if we find ourselves in desperate times, you never know!

All in all I am super impressed with these Equip products. There is genuinely nothing I could suggest to improve them, so I would have to award 10 out of 10 Extreme Points. If only we’d had these during our three day bus journeys in South America, things would have been so much better. I think their prime usefulness will be at festivals and backpacking, but I think that parents would find plenty of applications for them too!

So, do you want to win some Equip for yourself? Just enter via the widget below! Enjoy!

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0 thoughts on “REVIEW & COMPETITION: EQUIP+ Waterless Wash Products

  • I care for my Granny and these would be great as she has difficulty always cleaning up, she uses wipes on her hands and face but these are a lovely size. Great for picnics and for camping too.

  • Out on picnics or days out, or anywhere where its impractical to get the proper facilities :)

  • Should clean up winning this prize!

  • These would be great for when we go camping, especially for my teenage son!

  • Great for when we go on picnics or camping! My dad also takes my boys out fishing in the dingy when we go to our holiday home on the Isle of Arran and these would be great for popping in my dad's pocket for when the kids' hands get smelly with bait!

  • These would be absolutely ideal to take to festivals .. Glastonbury is notorious for mud so any help in the washing department would be appreciated :)

  • I'd use these when I go to visit my Mum. Her bathroom is tiny and bursting with all her mobility equipment and the things she needs to keep downstairs now she can't climb the stairs (I dread to think how she'd manage if her bathroom had been upstairs) so it's almost impossible for me to have a shower or even a proper wash. These look like exactly what I need to take with me when I'm staying with her.


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