Making the most of homegrown courgettes

Everyone who grows their own fruit and veg knows that when you grow courgettes, you inevitably end up with too many and have to think of novel ways to use them (or just give them to friends and neighbours until they get fed up of you). Our courgette season has just started off – we picked our first one earlier this week – so we’re not bored of them yet, but I did find THE best way of using it ever**, so I thought I’d share it with you.

We’ve got two types of courgette on this year, Italian stripey ones and round ones. The first to reach a decent size was the round. Here are the instructions for a great recipe:

Grow the courgette.
Pick the courgette.

Slice the courgette.
Add butter and seasoning to the courgette.

BBQ the courgette.

Add a massive burger and bun, with cheese, avocado and chorizo to the courgette.

Mmmmmmm *drools*

**This may not be the healthiest recipe.


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