Hybrid Evelyn Off Shoulder Lace Skater Dress

Ring the bells! Sound the alarm! Lock up your significant other while you break out the debit card!

The Hybrid summer sale is on, and this means that we’ve all got the opportunity to buy something beautiful for a bargain price.

Hybrid are a relatively new brand, around since 2010 and they are making a real splash in the contemporary dress market. They offer some really unique designs with an emphasis on a flattering fit, a luxurious finish and still at a pocket-friendly price. And their sale makes them even more tempting.

My absolute favourite item in this year’s summer sale is this Hybrid Evelyn Off Shoulder Lace Skater Dress. I have absolutely loved the rise of the skater dress, it is by far the most flattering style for my shape and has almost totally weaned me off my obsession with the maxi dress, both for day and evening wear. The Evelyn is a real triumph, taking the skater style to the next level of chic through Hybrid’s signature attention to styling details. In this case, I adore the addition of the off-shoulder, additional straps, with their sweeping centre detailing. This really takes the skater style from okay to Oscar.

In the current sale it is now down to £44.00 – that’s 60% off the original price. You can’t turn your nose up at that. For something with so much character I cannot believe this price, I would expect something of this quality to be retailing well over the £150 mark, thinking about comparisons with brands of similar quality like Jaeger. In fact I would even go so far that this has the level of originality and quality of finish that I would expect from an Alexander McQueen dress, which well set you back well over a grand.

The fabric itself is beautiful too. Since beginning to learn to sew, I’ve become obsessed with finding beautiful textiles in all areas of my life and the contrast of the sand colour with the delicate, almost paisley leitmotif really appeals to me, especially with the block colour of the off-shoulder section which brings a stark contrast and will, shall we say, draw the attention away from problem areas (fat belly, fat belly) and bring the eye nicely to the decollatage. Speaking of flattering, of course we know that the skater dress is fab for highlighting a cinched waist and sweeping over any little bulges one might be wishing to hide away for a rainy day.


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  • Hi Laura, enjoyed reading your post, like us you obviously have an eye for great quality and good value


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