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The quality and variety of retail outlets at Highcross Leicester has really gone up and up since it opened, particularly if, like me, the most important thing to you is the food and drink on offer. The latest offering, a Boost Juice Bar, will be opening TOMORROW (Monday 18th August 2014) and to celebrate they invited me over to have a sneaky peak at the new store. Not only that, but they will be giving away all their smoothies for free for one day only. That’s right, all day, all free. Fabulous.

I was greeted in the store while the team were receiving their all important training and orientation. Everyone seemed genuinely warm, friendly and excited about the new adventure. The new shop is clean, bright and vibrant. The latest in a chain started in Australia, Boost aims to offer a healthy fast food option. They have created smoothies and juices that are free from preservatives and artificial flavourings.  There are now over 300 stores in 16 countries and it’s pretty easy to see why. I tried the Strawberry Squeeze smoothie – apparently one of their biggest sellers in the UK. It is made from strawberries, bananas, apple juice, low fat yoghurt (called TD4 – To Die 4, with live cultures – for extra nommy bacteria) and ice. I found it to be flavourful and thick, creamy despite the relatively low fat content (1.3g per 100ml) with a great strawberry flavour, but not artificial or oversweet. In fact, I think the apple juice gives it just the right kick of sweetness to make this a really satisfying flavour. Luckily I hadn’t had any breakfast, because it is super filling – just want you want for your healthy alternative option! It kept me going for a good number of hours, despite the cycle home from Highcross!

They kindly gave me a blogger pack with all kinds of interesting goodies. I got a sample of their adult bottles and kids cups, which have a cute hologram butterfly on (it’s quite pink so I presume there is a ‘boy’ equivalent, but I shall hold back here from talking about reinforcing gender norms). I got the full menu to see the range of smoothies, fruit crushes and juices – but I was most impressed that they include the full nutritional information on the menu. You’ll know about my interest in clear labelling from my earlier Campaign For Real Salad post.

Every year they use over 800 tonnes of watermelon you know.

I got a lot of information in the press pack about how much fruit they use per year, but I think that probably one fascinating fact is enough for this blog post. They use a lot of fruit.

They passed me a VIBE card – so I can be part of the Very Important Boost Enthusiasts club. This is a nice little loyalty programme which offers you your 10th drink for free as well as a special free Boost on your birthday. Can’t be bad! I do like a nice loyalty scheme, because let’s face it, we all like something for nothing.

Your free smoothie options for tomorrow

And as if getting your free smoothie tomorrow (yes, free, 100% no money involved, get along to Highcross on Monday 18th August!) they will also be doing their formal launch on Tuesday 19th August, where they will have some very special guests for their ribbon cutting and releasing a lot (I think 1000, but I didn’t write it down – bad blogger coming out without her notebook) of balloons, and each one will have a free Boost voucher attached, so look out for dem green balloons!

So overall, I think a positive addition to Leicester. I’m hoping for friendly staff, a high quality smoothie and an extra Boost in my step. Thanks to Boost for inviting me for a sneaky peak!


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  • I came to the Leicester Highcross Boost Bar . The customer service was so poor.. Too busy playing on there phones. Then when I received my drink I had to send it back as it was so tasteless . I have been to a few boost bars but this was ridiculous. They add way too much ice !!!!!

  • Hi Emma,
    Thanks for your comments. The menu I saw said the price point will be around £4 in Leicester, with children's drinks being less (and smaller). I know what you're saying though, it soon adds up when you have children. I suppose the proposition they are putting forward is that this is an alternative to grabbing a burger at one of the big name fast food restaurants, which would set you back a similar amount, but have a much higher fat content. I will say that the smoothie I tasted worked for me as a breakfast and kept me full for a decent amount of time.

    You certainly would get a vast amount of fruit at Leicester Market for the same amount, but I guess as with everything it's up to you to decide whether you want to pay the convenience of the ready made product while you are out and about. I've noticed that Boost will be offering smoothies with a protein supplement in them as well so for people wanting to refuel after the gym (for example) this could be a great thing to grab on the go. But again, this is more an individual adult thing. I shall keep a weather eye on the take up from families when the store is open properly.

  • We had a boost juice bar open in my home town recently too – it's always very busy with teens!
    However, that said, I have yet to treat myself to one – and I say treat because one glance at the menus showed me that we are talking at least £5 for just one drink and where I'm always accompanied by two small people, we are looking at £15 for the 3 of us to have a drink – it's just a kiosk so there isn't even anywhere to sit – for me, it's just too expensive. If your a single adult then it's fine but if you're a family – in my opinion it's just too costly! £15 would go a long way in the supermarket fruit isle rather than just 3 drinks.


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