REVIEW: Hectares Sweet Potato Crisps

The revolution is coming! Apparently snacking is on the move and things are changing. I was sent some Hectare’s sweet potato crisps to try and I really enjoyed them. Team Hectares have a bold aim – they want to convert 1% of the UK’s crisp eaters into sweet potato fans. 1% might not sound like much, but when you consider we eat about 6 billion bags of crisps in this country, it puts things a bit more into perspective.

 Vegetable crisps have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Hectares are taking this trend forward by just using sweet potato and also having a range of three flavours. Each of them have the characteristic sweetness of the vegetable in them, with an additional flavour punch. I think the simplicity of the lightly salted is probably my favourite, but if you love a strong taste hit, then go for the sea salt and black pepper – it is absolutely incredible the amount of strong, fragrant pepper taste they have wrapped into the packet. I enjoyed these with my lunch at work one day, they are a great snack or mealtime element. Obviously the sweet potato is vitamin packed, but these are deep fried, so treat them as with any other treat in part of a balanced diet.

 The piri piri flavour I tested on some friends at our BBQ. I made some fresh aubergine dip to accompany them and put them up against another crisp alternative – the prawn cracker. The Hectare’s were the hands down winner, with the whole bowl being hoovered up in record time! This was accompanied by general murmers of approval and expressions of ‘mmmm’ so I think I can record Hectare’s the victor in the Alternative Crisp Off.

I can’t really fault these crisps. Look out for them stocked by Brew Dog along with others. If you fancy something a bit different, then this is the snack for you. A fabulous discovery. Do you think you’re ready to be weaned off white potato crisps?


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