REVIEW: Brioche Pasquier

The fantastic, buttery, ever-so-slightly sweet French delight, brioche, has been given a new twist by Brioche Pasquier – one of the leading bakers of the treat in the UK. They sent us some of their delightful products to try and I’ve been battling to think up creative recipes to use it before it gets unceremoniously gobbled up by The Boy, who seems to have an almost compulsive addiction to the stuff.

Brioche Pasquier have created a new sliced loaf, which I think is really convenient, and stops you from falling into the temptation to cut off a whole wodge of the stuff from an unsliced loaf and therefore keeps you to a better portion size, and means you have more brioche for another day – hooray! We used it for breakfast, lunch and dinner (not all on the same day though) as it is a really flexible bread, with a really decadent buttery taste. Although one day I just went for the simplest form – the grilled cheese sandwich, I also try to get a bit more extravagant with a simple, but beautiful, American recipe.

Eggs in a Basket (Serves 1)


  • Two slices of Brioche Pasquier sliced brioche loaf
  • One egg
  • Small amount of butter or spread for frying
  • Salt and pepper
  •  Using a cookie cutter, cut out the centre of one slice of bread. You could do this on both slices and use two eggs, but I found one egg to be plenty for a single serving.

  • Heat a frying pan with a small amount of butter and lightly toast one side of the Holy Brioche. 

  •  Flip the brioche and crack your egg in the centre. While this was cooking, I lightly fried the middle of the brioche slice as well – waste not, want not.
  • Cook until the white is set, but the yolk still runny. I found putting a lid on the pan for a couple of minutes during cooking helped to get an even set without the brioche burning. Don’t have your pan too high – better to go slow and get it right.

  •  I found seasoning the egg at this stage worked really nicely, but you can of course season at the end if you prefer.
  • While the egg cooked, I toasted my other slice, but you could equally fry it in the pan too if you wanted. I thought one fried slice was enough for me.

  • Stack it up on your plate and enjoy. I replaced my brioche ‘hat’, because that’s how I roll. 

    And there you have it. A super simple, but truly flavourful breakfast. Brioche Pasquier also provided us with a nifty plastic clip which seals the open bag and helps to keep your loaf fresh for ages. Certainly I had still managed to save some from The Boy’s clutches three days after I originally opened the bag and it was just as fresh as before –a lovely little touch and a really handy gadget. Simple but effective ideas like this really appeal to me. Such a nice application that really makes a difference.



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