Country Baskets: Fascinator for the Races

Did you see my entry into the Country Baskets blogger competition last week? I got back on my sewing machine and made a little clutch bag. I’ve since used my box of Country Basket goodies to create a little fascinator for my Day at the Races. It was just a thrown together little thing, but with enough pins it stayed in place all day and really did the job.

I really enjoyed a bit of on the spot experimentation to create something simple, yet statement. It was a simple combination of artificial flowers, mirror crystals and a simple ribbon to tie it all together. I fixed it with a bobble and then pinned my hair around it to cover the base. Simple!

What do you think? Have you experimented with making your own accessories? I reckon this is a really cheap way to jazz up an outfit for a special occasions – Ladies Day, a wedding or a summer party. Thanks again to Country Baskets for my box of goodies, they’re already coming in really handy!


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