Awesome scotch eggs, at the Queen of Bradgate Leicester

So simple, yet so beautifully formed

 Thanks for all the great feedback on my review of Leicester’s Queen of Bradgate. It’s nice to know how many of you there are out there that read my blog posts and, occasionally, take me up on a recommendation. The Queen of Bradgate has been open for about 2 months now and I thought I would post you a little update. This is not someting I would normally do after a review, but there is one simple reason for it – they have scotch eggs!

Scotch eggs are possibly my favourite ever snack. Having been vegetarian for about 5 years in my teenage days, scotch eggs and not bacon (as I believe is traditional) were the thing that brought me back to the dark side. I just love them in all their anti-vegan goodness and I think it could also stem from them being a very occasional treat in my packed lunch that would be a real, appreciated surprise as my mum was a Weight Watchers leader and before that always trying to lose weight, so lunches could be a little, well, uninspiring (sorry mum).

Imagine my joy then, when the pub just 3 minutes walk from my office decides to start doing scotch eggs for £2. And not just any scotch eggs – these ones have black pudding blended into the meaty exterior. So they are fullsome and filling and lightly spiced with a lovely fresh crunchy breadcrumb coating and a locally grown, perfectly boiled egg in the centre. Mmmmmm…. *Homer drool*

I guess that’s all I have to say about that really. They’re ace. Get one. But I suppose I can’t very well just write a blog post as an ode to a scotch egg, although now I’ve phrased it like that I can see that it could be a very fine idea after all. I’ll tell you a bit about the offers that they’ve started running at the QoB since I reviewed them, as they have instituted quite a number and they are all excellent.

My favourite is Happy Hour, currently a triple threat running from 5pm-8pm, which is hugely convenient when you fancy a quick beverage after work. Our most used offers are get a large glass of wine for the price of a medium (bargain) and £1 off draught ales (also tres convenient). I’ll let you find out the rest of the offers that run on Happy Hour for yourself, but it is worth stopping by.

They have also instituted the ‘Worker’s Dinner’. This is a great little offer if you are looking for somewhere that does good quality food at lunchtime but doesn’t cost the earth. In short, selected dishes on the menu are 30% off between 12pm and 7pm. Not only does this mean you can get a really tasty lunch for somewhere in the region of £6-£9, but you could also combine it with Happy Hour if you fancy eating early and really save yourselves some mega bucks.

So I am still loving this pub a lot. And no, they haven’t paid me to say this – this blog post is written of my own volition. I’ll see you there.


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