REVIEW: Scruffs vintage water-resistant jacket – Windrunner

The Boy was sent a fabby Scruffs water-resistant jacket to try out for the old blog. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Two days after it arrived we went on a March Against Monsanto in Nottingham and it could not have rained more for thoese two hours. We were up against the elements and prior to receiving his Scruffs jacket, the Boy has not had a decent weather resistant coat in years.

Your Scruffs jacket fits snugly under your Mad Monsanto Lab Coat and keeps the rain at bay

 Obviously, Scruffs are not endorsing our political views, and I have no idea what their political views are, so we aren’t endorsing theirs either. However, we do like their weather resistant clothing.

The jacket is well made – the stitching is neat, even and of a high quality. It has a micro-fleece lining but is still a lightweight polyester. This means it is warm without being heavy – perfect for spring cycles. It keeps you warm without being too hot. The Boy says he sometimes gets too hot on the bike with it, but that’s because he got a slightly bigger size so he can wear hoodies underneath. Being extremely slim, he is big on layering so this is perfect for him.

There is an extra tab of polyester under the zip and the cuffs are elasticated to keep the water out. There is also a drawstring on the waist and hood, if you find yourself in a persistent downpour. He would describe it as waterproof and windproof, rather than just the weather resistance that Scruffs claim, which is high praise indeed as we’re outdoors a lot.

The fit is good and loose – allowing good freedom of movement and in combination with the lightweight feel of the jacket this makes it excellent for regular cyclists. It squeezes down into a rucksack or pannier pretty good as well, although the fleece lining does mean it is slightly bulkier than a common or garden wet-weather jacket.

Modelling is clearly a missed opportunity for The Boy

The only area for improvement the Boy would suggest is the zip. It’s good and chunky, making it nice a robust, however he’s found it can often be a little fiddly to shut, suggesting this is not quite as high a quality as the rest of the jacket. The pockets also have zips, which is really handy, but these can have a tendancy to get a bit sticky at times too. On this basis, we would award the Vintage Water-Resistant Windrunner Jacket 8 out of 10 Hippy Points (The Boy’s version of Extreme Points, in case you’d forgotten) as the jacket is super handy for keeping weatherproof when you’re out walking or pedalling, squeezes down pretty small and is generally of a really high quality, except for the zips which can get a little stuck at times. Not a bad little jacket at not a bad little price – it’s currently advertised for £32.35 on the Scruffs website.


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  • Hi Laura, this is a great review of this product. We sell the full Scruffs range and have used many of the products in real life scenarios very similar to yours above and find the majority of Scruffs branded products to be excellent and great value for money. We also offer Scruffs products on clearance and vastly reduced prices which you and your followers may be interested in. You can find our website at http://www.mad4tools.com

    Additionally in advance of this winter Scruffs will be releasing a new range specifically designed for harsh weather including low temperatures, release is expected some time in September but follow us on twitter or on face book to be kept informed.

    Once again great blog post and we look forward to reading more.


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