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I was given the opportunity to buy some bits and bobs from Love My Figure, Love My Fashion at a discount recently, in exchange for a blog review. It’s actually a really clever little concept. You can input your measurements on the homepage and they tell you your body shape. This has more options than the usual apple, pear and hourglass. And if you don’t have a tape measure, don’t worry! They’ll send you one for free! I ordered one in the spirit of curiousity and expected a paper tape, but it’s actually a really good quality tape.

I’ve always wondered about dressing for my shape. I’m not the most confident when it comes to buying clothes anyway. I usually just get things that are colourful or patchwork and damn the way they hang. LMFLMF let me know that my body shape was the rectangle…

Their website tells me:

Lucky you! Many women would love to have your shape – you’re quite straight up and down, 
but this means that you don’t have a particular area that you need to minimise 
– so you have more choice when it comes to what to wear! 
However, because of your fairly straight shape, your best look is one that creates the illusion of more curve.
  Think of yourself as an hourglass, but without the killer waist. 
Your bust and waist measurements are similar and if you gain any weight, 
it tends to distribute itself evenly throughout your frame.

So there we have it! Nothing to complain about there! Straight up and down, no curves but no real issues along with that! Seems fair and explains why I’ve always thought I have the figure of an 8 year old boy. Right now, the website brings up 51 items for my shape – including some nice jewellery to match with the clothes along with the dresses, tops and other items. On each item, they list how and why each piece suits or ‘assists’ each body type, so you can learn a little bit about what to look out for in other garments.

I decided to treat myself to two items.The website is really simple to navigate with a clean and simple layout. You can have a nosey at the items for other body shapes while you’re there – there are some crossovers, and also you’ll come across some really unique little items.

I picked the Fever London Cuba Flare dress. It has quite a retro feel, so suits my style, and the fluted skirt is designed to help accentuate my waist and curves (or non-curves I guess!). I was really pleased with it when it arrived. The quality of fabric and construction is great and the colours are lovely. The only complaint I would have is that I found it to be un-ironable! 

To match it I went for the Dolly Bow Bow Peace and Harmony necklace. I must confess when it arrived the little tag said ‘Believe’ on it, which was a little too cutesy for me and so I removed it! But I adore the peace symbol and so couldn’t resist this little beaut. It’s quite a lightweight piece, but the clasp is decent and it is overall a very sweet item of jewellery.

I decided to road test my dress at this year’s Museum and Heritage Awards, at which our exhibition was sadly not a winner! But that was OK. The dress was super comfy and a great length, so I felt really confident, not too much on show and a lovely swoosh in the skirt as you walk. I was wondering whether it could be flared a bit more with an underskirt. Something to ponder for next time I think!

And I also got to show off my dress to the super duper awards host, Sue Perkins off the telly box, who I went a bit fangirl on as I was so excited to have the opportunity to meet her! Many thanks to her for being so patient and gracious, even asking me about our shortlisted exhibition. Made my month that did! Everyone’s a winner. Apart from Sue Perkins, obviously. I imagine it was a little wearisome for her.

But anyway, I’ve gotten distracted again. I can heartily recommend LMFLMF. It’s a really useful tool and they stock some lovely pieces that I don’t think you are likely to see on other sites. And the team that runs it are super lovely. Support a new start up, go and have a browse and find out more about how to dress your wonderful shape, whatever shape you are.


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