Pilgrim’s Choice Cheese

I have become a VIP (Very Important Pilgrim) so this week we’ve been trying lots of delicious things with Pilgims Choice cheeses. And best of all they sent them to me for free!

We paired the cranberry and wensleydale pick n mix with our home wine tasting session, and it went down a storm because of its creamy taste, punctuated with sharp sweetness.We had the smokey cheese pick and mix grated over an omelette. I absolutely adore smoked cheese, so this is a real favourite for me. I think that added depth of flavour is just delicious, especially when paired up with chorizo in the omelette. Bliss.

The Boy made a simple tuna and tomato pasta bake, which had the Extra Mature Cheddar Crumbles with breadcrumbs and herbs as an instant topping. The breadcrumbs make it go lovely and crunchy, so this is a great standby in the fridge. It makes a basic dinner into something a bit more special. We ate the whole thing!

The resealable packs mean that the Mature Cheddar Crumbles are really convenient to take with you for work lunches. I have some bread in the freezer at work so I was able to make some microwave cheese on toast. I added a layer of pesto hummus underneath for some added flavour. I’m the first to admit that it wasn’t much to look at – cheese on toast in the microwave is never the best, but it did taste good.

This did get me in the mood for some proper, crunchy cheese on toast though, and so it wasn’t long before I treated myself to some for breakfast. It was everything I was hoping for. The crumbles contain quite a lot of potato starch, presumably to keep the crumble texture and stop it all from sticking together. This means that it isn’t that great to eat as it is, you really do need to melt it, but it is a convenient thing to have in.

The Firecracker pick and mix was a great option for livening up a vegetable chilli that we knocked up one evening. Gave it a real extra kick, which was flavourful rather than unbearably spicy. And finally I made some little sausagemeat tartlets last night as friends were coming over. A little sprinkle of the Crumbles with herbs and breadcrumbs finished them off really nicely, so they were better than the homemade sausage rolls which had no cheese!

As you can see, we’ve had quite a cheesy time, all things considered. I hope I continue to be a Pilgrim’s Choice VIP for a long time to come – I quite like getting sent cheese in the post.


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