Dear Mr Gove by Jess Green

It never fails to amaze me the amount of bile spread in the media whenever people chose to go on strike to protest about poor working conditions. Yes, a withdrawal of labour is inconvenient, that’s the entire point. It shows that those striking are valuable, dedicated employees that make a difference to our lives.

Last week’s teacher’s strike was no different. Anyone who knows someone in the profession will know that an already difficult job is being made harder and harder by Education Secretary, Michael Gove’s incessant meddling.

Yet, reading the bottom of the internet, you’d never guess it.* I can never get my head around the hatred directed against hardworking people exercising their democratic right to strike…

“This is purely a political strike, nothing to do with teaching. NUT members are typical left leanig (sic) sandal wearing troublemakers. I am surprised any child in this country gets educated at all.”

“at least these activists won’t be poisoning the childrens thoughts for 24 hours. so there is an upside”

* PUBLIC HEALTH WARNING: Do not read the bottom of the internet. Especially on tabloid websites. It’s really bad for you.

So, as an antidote to all the criticisms and anger, here is fantastic Leicester poet, Jess Green. She expresses the problems teachers are facing eloquently. Take note, Mr Gove.


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