REVIEW: MrNutCase customised phone case

Mr Nutcase asked me to have a little looksy at their personalised case website – any device, any design. I was more than happy to do so – my ipod gets some rough treatment and I keep forgetting to use the crochet sock I made, so I needed something a little more robust.

Using the website is super easy, you simply select your device, choose which option of case you would like and then pick a template into which you add your images or photos. I decided to go for the full crazy cat lady option. It was simple to upload photos, and resize them to fit the four picture template I had chosen.

If you want to, you can also add text or clipart, but I think clipart is the devil’s own creation, so didn’t bother. You can also add a background colour, which I did, but was actually pointless in my case because the photos covered the entirety of the design. It would be good to be able to customise your photo frames, in the way you would on Instacollage, to make the pictures smaller, or have rounded edges, if you wanted to have a plain border colour. This would have made mind look a bit classier I think.

I chose the leather flappy case, which currently comes in plain white with your photos on the back. I think it would be good to be able to choose a colour for the whole case – I can see that I am going to get mine plenty dirty, plenty quickly, but perhaps I have a skankier handbag than most people. This design comes in a £19.95, which is not the cheapest, or I could have had a one sided plastic case for the iPod 4th generation at £14.95. There are different options for different types of phone and device which have different pricings. The good news is that all worldwide shipping is free, so there are no extras on that initial quote.

The checkout is also nice and easy, you get a confirmation email and woo hoo! You’re done. And all you have to do is wait. But not too long. I ordered mine on Sunday evening and here we are, on Wednesday and I have my case! Brilliant!

The printing is a little heavy, so one of my photos came out much darker than I would have expected, but otherwise the design looks great. All my favourite kitties. The ipod fits snugly and feels secure and there are holes in all the right places, except for the charger, which you have to open the case to fit.

The quality of the leather and the stitching is OK. It’s not a particularly plush leather, which you might be forgiven for wanting for twenty quid, but it is a good fun and practical case. It’s nice to get your own design and they would make good presents. I’d give Mr Nutcase a pretty nifty 8 out 10 Extreme points. The service is easy, quick and convenient, but it’s just a smidge on the pricey side for my taste. Can’t fault the website though, it’s really user friendly.


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