RECIPE: Duerr’s Baking for Boys and Easy Berry-Orange Jellies

Duerr‘s resident master bakers, Richard and Paul, have created their own YouTube miniseries, called Baking For Boys. They’ve been keeping it in the Duerr’s family, one of the oldest jam making business in the world, ever, ever! These short films are full of great recipe ideas and hints and tips on how to create your own baking masterpieces.

I particularly liked the recipe for Chocolate Orange cake. Have a look for yourself below, it’s a pretty easy recipe to follow. I must confess that when Duerr’s sent me some of their lovely jams and marmalade’s through to try for myself I went for something even easier to start with! In this cold weather, I found there was nothing more satisfying in the morning than having a bowl of steaming porridge with a dollop of beautiful Duerr’s strawberry jam in the centre. I stirred it through for a ripple effect and a delicious sweet strawberry hit in every mouthful. This really set me up for my cycle to work, but as I say I’m not really sure if that counts as a recipe! I would definitely recommend it though!

Today we’re having a lazy day in the house and there is no flour in, so baking is out the window, but luckily I rummaged through the store cupboard and found a few packs of trifle sponges just begging to get the Duerr’s treatment, so I decided to make the ultimate lazy pudding – my totally made up Easy Berry-Orange Jellies.

Easy Berry-Orange Jellies



  • Make up the jelly as per the instructions. I used slightly less cold water to dilute and added the frozen blackberries instead so they could release their water as they thawed and help to set the jelly more quickly.

  • Generously smear the trifle sponges with Duerr’s Fine Cut Seville Orange Marmalade.

  • Break up the sponges and press into a jelly mould, adding some of the blackberries in each layer. 
  • Pour over the jelly. 

  • Put into the fridge to set.

I used my lovely little rabbit mould for the first time, and also made a smaller portion in a lunchbox so I can take some to work for a nice treat over the next couple of days!

Once the jelly has set firm, turn it out and serve with whipped evaporated milk with a little icing sugar for a delicious creamy topping that goes really well with the sweet, sharp flavours. Easy, but delicious! The rabbit shape looks like it’ll be more visible with an opaque jelly, but I still liked the way it turned out.

What do you use your Duerr’s jam for?


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