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I have been terrible at blogging my progress here, so I thought I’d get on it while it was on my mind. I haven’t weighed this week yet (will do so after step tomorrow) but I did the last two weeks and then didn’t write it up!!

The 28th October, I stayed the same and last week I had lost a grand 100g! But overall that puts me at 2.2kg down, which is really an achievement with Christmas (apparently) rapidly approaching. I have a swank, but local awards ceremony to attend in 10 days so I am hoping to get into a beautiful dress my mum picked up for me from a charity shop last time she was in the UK, so I would really like to do it justice. Another 0.5k would be fantastic.

Saturday night’s in like this may not help!

6.3k before Christmas is probably outside of my reach because I haven’t been exercising as much recently with work and excuses and other excuses. I did Step on Monday and as always I am cycling everywhere it isn’t the end of the world, but now bootcamp has ended I’m hoping to get back into the pool this week and also get along to aerobics on Tues and Thurs, other commitments permitting. We shall see. Let’s hope for a loss tomorrow (may be optimistic) and see if I can shift that last little bag of sugar before the awards.

And after that? Onwards directly towards Christmas, hopefully looking better and feeling better to match.

How did the rest of you do?

Edit 19/11/13 – I went to the gym tonight and weighed myself and I stayed the same – woop!


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