Campaign For Real Salad: Tesco Bright Salad Bowl

Far be it from The Campaign For Real Salad to not acknowledge good work when it happens. The
Tesco Bright Salad Bowl contains no dressing and, surprise surprise, offers a good healthy choice for people looking to pick up a salad on the go. Well done Tesco – can we have more of this please?

32kcals and 0.4g of fat for the entire tub – with that kind of nutritional information you could go the whole hog and add half an avocado.

This is what the Campaign For Real Salad is all about, consumers being able to make quick, easy choices that are healthy and not slathered in unnecessary and fattening dressings. Sign the petition now. Once I get to 100 supporters, I will start addressing the supermarkets directly and asking for answers.

Answers to questions like:

Why does the Tesco Complete Meaty Ham Salad, 145g serving, contain  180kcals and 13g of fat – 18% of my daily allowance and just 100kcals less than a Burger King cheeseburger (the fat is roughly the same)?

And while I’m on the subject of Burger King, how are they managing to produce a Grilled Chicken Salad for 126.6kcals and 2.9g of fat, when the closest similar product that Asda produce, the Chicken Salad contains 153kcals and 7.3g of fat per 100grams? The salad is 180g total…

Should I be defying all logic and heading to fast food joints when I want a quick, healthy lunch? I hope not.


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  • I agree with what you have said and I do not believe what figures most of the manufacturers put on their conveniance foods and no longer buy it. I now prefer to put a little effort in the night before, or just make a little extra for the next day. ;0)


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