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I have to confess, I’ve not really had my mind on this the last few weeks. I’ve been away from home on conferences, having a stressful time at work, the occasional night on the sauce and the odd meal out. Indeed, all the reasons that shouldn’t really be a challenge if I was making decent lifestyle choices, but have been because I’m feeling tired, a bit sad and weak willed.

I’m blaming the change in seasons.

However, all is not lost. I am very, very lucky to have The Boy who has been doing his utmost to look after me, cook me decent food wherever possible and generally make sure I don’t completely fall off the cliff into unhealthiness. Plus, in addition to that, I now know that my gym routine is totally entrenched. I don’t even think about it and I’ve found myself at Step on a Monday or Aerobics and Tone on a Tuesday. The Boy and I are still working through our Bootcamp Groupon on a Wednesday and I’ll maybe go Aerobics on a Thursday. Plus of course there’s still the cycling. This morning was the first day I really had to cycle in through torrential rain to get to work, but weirdly, cycling home in the dusk from the gym I could just wear a t-shirt! Strangely mild, but long may it last so I can stay on the bike.

Lovely Boy-made haddock and veg lentils. Delish!

Anyway, I’ve probably cheated a bit, because I didn’t have time for lunch today so all this is possibly an illusion, but I did weigh myself before Step and not after…

Today’s weight was 58.9kg, so that’s a kilogram loss since my last post. That’s a total of 2.2kg lost, the equivalent of 5lbs. I am starting to think that another 9lbs by Christmas might be a bit optimistic until I get can myself back on track, but I’d be happy with another 2lbs off to be honest, taking me to half a stone lost. Then maintaining, getting more sleep and eating better would be great, to get me through another winter. 

I’m really starting to get fed up with the fat belly though, pretty sure that I’ve done enough sit ups over the last few years to have a washboard stomach though, but it’s still there, poking out and shouting at people.

Must try harder.


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  • Congratulations on your loss, that is a fantastic amount! I always found with my stomach the only thing that really helped was doing the plank and reverse crunches, I found sit-ups made me flabbier and it certainly made me hippier!

    Sharon x

  • Ohhh well done!! I too think the weather plays a part – as soon as the colder weather comes in I drink more sugary, milky tea, hot Vimto and eat stodge just to cheer myself up and feel warmer. Good luck for the next week! x


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