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I’m back on the diet wagon, thanks to regaining my inspiration from my lovely friend Jane, over at 7hippopotamus. I’m back on recording my food and exercise intake using MyFitnessPal so I know where I am up to, and as my wii balance board seems to have randomly bit the dust, I am now weighing myself weekly before my Step class on a Monday.

So last Monday I plucked up my courage and stepped on the scales of doom. And doom there was…


Ouch. That puts me right back where I was last time I was trying to lose weight. None of this maintaining business, we’re back on the losing game.

I monitored my diet. I made the odd good choice and the odd bad choice, but generally speaking I thought more about portion sizes and did more good than bad. I only drank alcohol on one night in the week (admittedly I had quite a bit, but hey, it was just one night. Drink responsibly Extreme Fans). I avoided snacks and when I didn’t, I had less than normal. I literally cut myself a sub-1cm slice of birthday cake when offered it, just to have the taste, and that was enough.

Here’s me on a tiny trampoline at a bootsale. Keeping it fit.

The weather’s getting back to the point where porridge is a viable breakfast option as well, so that’s definitely a help for me, gets me having less bread, cheese and eggs in the morning, which I would pretty much have in vast quantities every day if I could!!

I went to Step, Aerobics and Tone, Bootcamp and Aerobics again. I cycled a lot, then I cycled back again. And today I went to Step again. And before that class I weighed myself, and what did I see?


Woo hoo! That’s 3.5lbs of my stone to lose before Christmas. That means I just have 8.5lbs left to go for a fabulous Christmas of fitting comfortably into my size 8 Levi jeans. Bring it on!! If you wanna join us, step right in, it’s really helpful to have supportive friends!

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  1. well done thats amazing !!

  2. well done that's amazing

  3. wow that's a brilliant start, g you !! xx

  4. Great start, well done! Good luck with your journey!

  5. That's a fantastic start Laura, very well done, you're well on your way to that stone. That mini trampoline photo is great! Thanks for linking up and good luck for next week x

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