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After last week’s bonzer beginnings, this week has been a little disappointing, as anticipated. To be honest, I knew things weren’t going to go well!

Monday: I ate well, cycled to work, the gym and home and did my step class.
Tuesday: I cycled to work, the gym and home, did my aerobic and tone class but then went for a three course meal using a Groupon with friends. With wine. It was delicious and we had excellent mussels.
Wednesday: I cycled to work, then home, then to my Bootcamp class. We did the class, then cycled back into town where I had a two course meal as a mystery diner. With wine. Then we cycled home. So I cycled around 20 miles over the day, but I also ate a good deal of naughty food. Delicious.
Thursday: Back on the wagon, cycling to work, then to the gym, then going to aerobics and going home. Making reasonable food choices.
Friday: No exercise other than cycling to work and back, then made us a roast dinner when I got home.
Saturday: Walked over 15 miles, but had another single course mystery dine and then stopped at a couple of pubs on the way home.
Sunday: No exercise at all, but some pretty decent food choices.

The last glass of house wine and I got a short measure, so she gave me another small glass for free – score!

I guess I’m lucky that I only put on 400g this week, so I now weigh 59.9kg. That does still mean that I have lost 2lb overall towards my stone off for Christmas goal. Only 12lbs to go, we can do it!!


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  • well done on all that cycling! i have anew bike that i have struggled with but i needs to come out from languishing in the shed x

  • All that exercise is fantastic, well done. As for the little gain, nevermind you're still on track to lose that stone before Christmas.


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