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I’m pretty gobsmacked to discover that almost a third of primary school children think that cheese comes from plants, and over one in five has never visited a farm. It’s pretty terrifying to hear how disconnected our children have become from their food, it’s production and rural environments. 

This research was done by the British Nutrition Foundation. I think it really demonstrates that we all need to take more responsibility in educating the next generation about food origins and also about cooking and eating in a way that is healthy for both themselves and for the environment.

DairyCo has created, to help people understand a bit more about cows and where dairy products come from. It is presented by Adam Henson, who actually has a farming background himself. They’ve created a number of accessible films about cows, which they have also put on a youtube moovie channel. For people wanting to interact with DairyCo directly, you can also get hold of them via twitter using the @thisisdairy account or #Discoverdairy hashtag.

And to help spread this message far and wide and to help you to access these resources to teach your children more about food production and the dairy industry, DairyCo have given the opportunity for two of my readers to win £15 worth of shopping vouchers. Just answer me a simple question about the above video using the Rafflecopter widget. If you have any problems with it loading, do refresh the page and try again.

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