The Taste of the Great British Summer?

Sometimes things happen to me and I’m just thankful that I have a blog to share them with the world. Today was one of those days. I was in B&M Bargains, stocking up on cheap evaporated milk, pinto beans and mayonnaise, when suddenly I came upon some of the most random groceries I have ever seen.

Prepare yourself.

Yes, I discovered, for the princely sum of 10p per jar, I could treat myself and my loved ones to Princes Great British Classics sandwich fillings. In either Fish ‘n’ Chips or Baked Beans flavour. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I’m making this up, right? Sadly no…

It takes the idea of a chip buttie to a whole new level. In fairness, I only bought them because a. they were 10p and b. it was worth 10p for the humour of a picture for the blog. It was The Boy who suggested we should try them.

Served on obligatory thick white bread

 So, the taste test? Not as death defyingly gross as I expected. The fish ‘n’ chips filling just pretty much tasted as I remember fish paste sandwiches to taste. It’s a couple of decades since I had a fish paste sandwich, but I’m sure my memory is reliable in this area. 

And the Baked Beans flavour? Straight up weird. Like sweet, cold, tomatoey stodge on white stodge bread. Not my cup of tea and certainly not what I expect from my beans on toast.

There you go, from my life to your eyes. Ladies and gentleman, fish and chips – but spreadable.


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