REVIEW: Voltz Raspberry Ketones – a weightloss wonder?

Following on from my great enthusiasm for Voltz Energy Shots, I was really looking forward to finding out the results of my month long trial of Voltz Raspberry Ketone capsules.

Raspberry Ketones found fame after American TV’s Dr Oz touted them as the latest weightloss aid, saying they were a miracle fat burner in a bottle. While Voltz nod to this in their product information, they mainly stress the natural nature of the product and their benefit for boosting energy and feeling great.

It did make me giggle that the promotional bumpf told me that ‘Nutritionists are now learning that these fabulous fruits [raspberries] also contain ketones’ as it makes it sounds like nutritionists are quite slow to catch on. Chemists have known about ketones for a very long time, indeed ketones have been covered at A level for decades! A ketone is simply a chemical compound where two groups of atoms are joined by a third bridging group. Therefore, ketones are found in many things, not just tasty fruits, for example acetone, which used to be used for nail polish remover, is also a ketone.

This made me wonder if there were strictly speaking any benefits involved in ingesting large quantities of the ketone found in raspberries, so I tried to find some medical trial info. There aren’t any, yet, which I guess is why Voltz don’t make any specfic claims about the product over and above it making you feel great.
So, I took the ketone capsules for 30 days. During this time I continued my regular exercise – commuting 7 miles a day to work, visiting the gym 3 to 5 times a week. This is my normal exercise regime, but as I had just come back from 3 weeks holiday just before I started the trial, it was actually a good deal more exercise than I had been doing of late. I had a relatively good diet, although I will note I’ve had quite a lot of meals out this last month, so the great vegetable and salad intake has been tempered by the occasional high fat or calorie dish.

I saw no reason though, with the exercise balance, why I shouldn’t lose a bit of weight if the capsules were going to aide my fat burning. But I didn’t. I actually put a little weight on over the period. Score. Not. So much for Dr Oz then – I’m not sure where he gets his information.

In order to give the Voltz claims about increased energy and ‘good feeling’ a fair crack of the whip, I have waited a week since finishing the ketones to write this review so that I can monitor whether I have any change in mood or energy levels without taking the ketones. I have experienced no change.

There you have it. If you want to take pills twice a day that smell and taste a lot of raspberry, but don’t really have any impact, then take these. I give them, sadly, a big fat zero Extreme Points out of 10. I think that could be a first.

However, scraping the barrel for an upside, perhaps I have a weird physiology and they might do something for you. If you want to take the chance and you’ve got time on your hands, Voltz do offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee so you can try them at no risk. If you want to lower the price you pay, should you wish to try them, then you can use my 10% off exclusive code – GK9GEQEMQ9. However, I would recommend you spend your cash on the Voltz Energy Shot and have a more intense work out a couple of times a week!

I was sent this product for free to review, but I am never paid for my reviews and as you can tell, I review products honestly and openly!


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  • Thanks for the honest review. I think at the end of the day the only way to lose weight is to eat less and move more. Sadly there are no quick fixes. Thanks for linking up, good luck for next week xx


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