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Who wouldn’t want an Eero Aarnio inspired Bubble Chair?

There’s a new online designer homeware retailer on the block and they are called IMBUED. They tell us that they provide ‘selectively sourced classic furniture juxtapose modern brand-led excellence.’ They are also committed to customer service, with advisers that will give impartial advise to help meet your needs, advising about the pros and cons, rather than just trying to sell you the most expensive item.

Happily, they’ve given Ray Mears Extreme Housewifery readers the chance to access an exclusive 10% off voucher code – just type in RMEH7985 at the checkout. The code is valid until 20/09/2013 and subject to the Terms and Conditions in relation to promotional codes as set out on their website. You’re welcome!

Personally I really like IMBUED’s offer because they have a range of high-end design inspired products that will suit a variety of pockets. A number of the pieces in their collection are true retro classics, first developed by true twentieth century style icons. These will make a real statement in your home. Let’s look at a few of the designs behind the decor.

Just like the Bubble Chair pictured above, the Pony Chair is the work of Finnish interior designer, Eero Aarnio. Designed in 1973, Aarnio works in bold colours and unconventional shapes. In this case, he was challenging the conception of what a seat is.

 “A chair is a chair, is a chair, is a chair … but a seat does not necessarily have to be a chair. It can be anything as it is ergonomically correct. A seat could even be a small and soft Pony on which you can ‘ride’ or sit sideways.” – Aarnio

It looks like an oversized toy, and it would bring a certain playfulness to any living environment, but I do not think that you would need to have children to justify purchasing this seat. It would be very at home in a sleek, modern living space, nestled amongst some shabby chic, home refurbished shelves perhaps. And that’s the point of what IMBUED offer, the chance to buy some high quality, timeless top end pieces that really tie the look of your room together. If the Pony chair is a bit too Extreme Housewifery for you, how about this…?

Yes, an upholstered ottoman – the Mondo. The ultimate in multifunctional chic, ottoman’s like this provide storage, seating and even a top notch footrest. Originally brought from Turkey in the 1700s they were piled with cushions and used as the main feature of family seating. In Europe, they are now traditionally placed at the foot of the bed, but with striking colours like these they could equally take pride of place in the main family room once again. Some bold patchwork cushions, mixed with one or two in a plain colour, mixing the blue with red, gold and perhaps even some greens and browns would really create a feature that would fit especially well into a window recess or space under the stairs – giving an air of comfort and luxury but also providing some much improved discreet storage.

Please enjoy this (poorly constructed) artists impression. I wish I had photoshop.

My space under the stairs. Complete with furniture from when I was 13.
And now with an ottoman. Just add scatter cushions. Nice.

And finally, we have the Verner Panton inspired flowerpot pendant lamp in yellow. For a stinking, flower-power hippy such as myself, this is just perfect.

A 1960s classic, this piece represents one of Denmark’s finest and most inspirational colour theorists, who worked in bold psychedelics to bring fluid lines and a bold Pop asthetic to interiors. This piece is an absolute must for all of those of you out there who love your kitsch or are following the 2013 interior design trend for bold colours. Use this piece as an accent in an otherwise more muted, minimalist room or go the whole hog and style a brighter palette around this memorable motif.

What do you reckon? Do you see these 20th century pieces fitting in with your home, or do you take your style from elsewhere. How does good interior design affect you?


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