HELP ME! Veet EasyWax

Evening all! I am a BzzAgent and got selected to join the Veet EasyWax campaign to try their new electrical roll on home waxing kit for myself and then to tell you all about it and show off my super smoothness to anyone who’ll have a look. It’s really easy too – all I have to do is plug it in, warm it up, roll it on, pull it off…then enjoy four weeks of beautifully smooth skin. 

Except I have a problem, I’ve wussed out. I want the aforementioned beautifully smooth skin, but I’m not sure I can do to myself. The last time I got waxed was in India in 2009 and I got my armpits done. It tickled like a baddun’ when they put the wax on and stang like billy’o when they ripped it off…. So what do I do?

I have read my beginners guide to waxing guide, I have had a stern talking to myself that ladies all over the everywhere are getting waxed without being ridiculous, but I think I need the support that only the bloggosphere can give when it comes to waxing myself.

The kit looks great, really easy to use, easy to keep clean, reusable with easy refills… There’s a good reason they called it EasyWax I reckon. This is my perfect waxing opportunity. And the weather’s great to show off my smoothability. HELP ME – my extreme housewife powers are fading….
(Happily if anyone wants to help me out by trying it for themselves and telling me how awesome and painless it was, then you can go to Amazon, input the code EASYWAX4 and you will get 50% off making this electrical kit for legs and arms a stonking £7.50 with free UK delivery – no need to thank me!)


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