Day 28 of the Proskins Challenge

I have come to the end of my Proskins 28 Day Challenge. It’s been another mixed week for me, I’ve had some fantastic and naughty meals out, but I’ve also done a lot of cycling and been to the gym three times including having a go at the advanced step class for the first time. I’ve been wearing my Proskins leggings a mixture of overnight and then at the gym/in the evenings.  I must confess that I didn’t have chance to wear them a couple of days this week, but that was interesting as it showed that my soft skin from the Proskins did stay when I wasn’t immediately wearing them.

Final measurements:
Waist – 29″ (lost 2 inches)
Hips – 35″ (lost 1 inch)
Thigh 21.5″ (lost 0.5 inch)
Calf 14″
Ankle 8.25″ (lost 0.25 inch)


So it’s a pretty good result I think. The Proskins leggings are of a good enough quality that they could stand up well to the semi continuous wearing over the 28 day period. The most noticeable effect was the softening and slight tightening of the skin on the thigh. I am undecided on the slimming aspect of the Proskins as I was doing enough exercise that it may just have been a contributing factor, but I am certainly happy with the reduction in my waist measurement over the period and I think you can see the difference in my before and after photos.

If I keep on track all should be well for looking fabulous for my sister in law’s wedding in a fortnight!!


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