Day 21: Proskins 28 Day Challenge

This week I have been mostly wearing my Proskins in bed. This has resulted in an increased urgency to wee in the morning, which I have been told is due to their detoxifying effect. I would imagine it’s certainly something to do with the caffeine content that the microcapsules are releasing into my body.

My eating regime has not been particularly good this week, although I have made the effort to snack less. I have been to the gym just twice this week, but have done quite a lot of cycling around the city to make up for it, in fact we’re off out for a bike ride in a minute… So I’m not expecting miracles… Let’s measure:

Waist 29.5″ 

Hips 36″
Thigh 21.5″
Calf 13″
Ankle 8.25″

SO not a huge change, but still another 0.5″ off my waist, which is very much progress in the right direction! I wonder if I can get that last inch or so off my waist this week – must try harder!!


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