REVIEW: Proskins Slim Leggings 28 day challenge

Situation Critical!

You may all have noticed by the total absence of weight loss/weight maintenance posts for the last few weeks that my life has been far too busy of late to care how much I weigh. Which has been awesome. However, three weeks in America and celebrating my 30th birthday was bound to take its toll eventually.

And I know it has. So I come to you with a new goal, looking fabulous in time for my sister in law’s wedding, at which I will be doing the readings. The wedding is on the 29th of June, which means I have just under 6 weeks.

Happily, this gives me plenty of time to try out the Proskins 28 Day Challenge. I got in touch with Proskins via Twitter and I was really interested to try their leggings. As you may have seen, I have done numerous reviews of Zaggora products, which as also leggings which claim to improve your shape (but through sweat in the case of HotPants) but I pretty much stopped using Zaggora products after the first couple of months because the darn things were like a wet suit and that is not practical (or desirable!) for day to day use. Proskins are totally different, I have a pair of the classic black full length ‘Slim’ leggings and they are just like leggings you would expect from any high street store. No unecessary thickness, no discomfort, no weird swooshy noise. So far, so good.

Proskins sent me a pair of their leggings and have asked me to undertake the 28 Day Challenge – wearing the leggings for at least 8 hours a day, ever day for 28 days. This is possible because you can wear them any time, any where – in bed, at the gym, doing housework, under a dress to go out in. As you can see from my ‘before’ photos below, however, do wear something over your arse area. The rule of the universe that no-one over 10 should wear just leggings still stands. Skirt, dress, tunic over the top, no worries, but do not expose you be-legginged arsal area to the world. No one wants to see that.

Here follows a horrifically candid selection of before photos that the Boy laughingly took. He wasn’t laughing at me particularly, he seems to have selective blindness when it comes to my fat belly, thank goodness, but I do think he enjoyed the posing and he encouraged more. So this is my starting point. Today I did a little cycling, a little gardening and a little housework, but come tomorrow I will be back to my cycle commute and gym visits so hopefully that in combination with the Proskins will get the fat belly in check.

My Day 1 measurements are:
Waist 31″
Hips 36″
Thigh 22″
Calf 14″
Ankle 8.5″

I have no idea what I expect to happen to my ankles, but you never know. Proskins sent me a measuring tape so I thought I might as well use it. Plus, my Wii Fit board is broken (sad face) so I can’t weigh myself, so we’ll have to measure success purely in inches in this case.

Let’s hope the fat belly is gone by the time of the wedding.

Edit: I’ve been wearing my Proskins for the first 4 hours now so I thought I’d feed back on how they are feeling. They are extremely comfortable and sort of silky to the touch (as opposed to a cottony legging). They are not making me sweat or giving me weird sticky legs like HotPants do, so that’s bonus. I was a bit worried about wearing these for 8 hours a day, every day, but actually they’re extremely comfortable.

They are very long, so they cover the fat belly and go well down over my feet. Let’s hope they work their magic on the entire area!


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17 thoughts on “REVIEW: Proskins Slim Leggings 28 day challenge

  • I am shocked with the quality! Do not buy! Very poor quality, offering no support whatsoever. Not what I would expect to pay all this money on…. very disappointed!

  • Bought a pair of proskin leggings and at first was very impressed. Loved the material and the feel of them but after one wash all the stitching started to come undone on both legs and the waistband. Very Poor Quality- would not recommend you to buy.

    • Oh that’s a shame – mine lasted years, but then I got mine in the good old days of 2015, so I can’t say what they are like in terms of quality now.

  • Wow!! These Proskins Slim Leggings are really awesome. Want to have them in my work out clothes. They will look amazing and will be comfortable for my workout. Will find an online store where will get best product on affordable price.

  • How did you r trial with the pros kind slim leggings work out laura

  • Just found your blog Laura. What was your opinion at the end of the 28 day trial with the pros kind slim leggings s

  • Very nice leggings photos; they remind me of my NoNonsense leggings. Thanks for sharing!

  • Well my husband has made and exceeded the 28 day challenge and has not loose much in the weight department. The plus side to the proskin leggings are his legs don't ache like they had for many years. He also seems to have more energy and would rather be up and about verses sitting on the couch watching TV. I think I am going to challenge him to wear the proskin leggings for another month to see if there are any new results. Oh and how did you make out?

  • I bought the Proskin Slim Leggings as well but I didn't feel comfortable in them as they show off too much of me. My husband is wearing them for at least 8 hours a day and has completed 10 straight days. He feels very comfortable wearing these leggings and will do the 28 day challenge. I'll keep you posted on how he fairs out.

  • 2 days in (and did a step class with them under my leggings today) and no excess sweating at all, so I guess so far so good! Keep an eye on the blog and I'll keep you updated Kirsten.

  • Yeah, I got bored of the HotPant swoosh so stopped wearing them. Had these on for the night last night and then the gym and beyond today and they're much comfier so far.

  • Oooh I'm intrigued to see if these work. I'm especially interested if these don't make you overheat, as the meds I'm on make me have hot flushes so I have to be careful about what fabrics I wear. I got nappy rash with the Zaggora shorts!
    Look forward to your updates
    Kirsten x

  • They look and sound very practical. I have to admit I got a pair of Zaggora shorts and I couldn't bear to wear them as they made me itch so badly I didn't want them against my skin. It was like a wierd stretchy version of itchy wool. I'm sure they did help with weight loss, but I just couldn't cope with that. I'll be interested to read about your progress with the Proskins. Love the photos by the way! 'Look at me I'm an aeroplane!' and the Popeye impression without the pipe :O) Best of luck with the weight loss. x


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