Recipe: Almond Breeze Cherry Bakewell Smoothie

I have hit upon an awesome breakfast smoothie recipe that tastes devilishly delicious, but is actually angelic in its low calorie count and great vitamin content. It’s a great boost in the morning, keeps you full for a decent amount of time and feels like you’re drinking liquid cake!!

Seriously, I s**t you not! It is Cherry Bakewell, in smoothie form. Blue Diamond sent me two litres of their Almond Breeze Almond Milk in the unsweetened variety to experiment with and so far, this is my favourite smoothie recipe. The almond milk itself is just as you’d expect – non-sweetened, but still a creamy flavour, sort of like a semi-skimmed milk, without that almost thick texture that full fat milk has and it has a very pleasant, but also very faint almond finish to the flavour. It doesn’t coat your mouth or leave any particular after taste so I find it very light and refreshing compared to cow’s milk. Of course it is dairy free, so it’s only 29 calories per 200ml serving, which is just incredible. 

This meant it was really easy for me to create a low calorie, low saturated fat smoothie that packs an awesome vitamin punch and some great flavour to start your day. It also happens to be gluten free, so if you are unfortunate enough not to be able to enjoy actual Cherry Bakewells, I hope this will present a good second best!

Almond Breeze 
Very Cherry Bakewell Smoothie
Serves 2

225ml Unsweetened Almond Breeze Almond Milk
1 medium banana
100g drained pitted sour cherries
Dash of almond extract

Method 1
1. Put ingredients in a jug
2. Blend with a stick blender
3. Pour in 2 glasses and enjoy!

Method 2
1. Put ingredients in blender
2. Blend
3. Pour in 2 glasses and enjoy!

It really doesn’t get any easier! It literally took me 30 seconds to put this together and it is delicious! It’s creamy and slightly, but not overly thick thanks to the creaminess of the almond milk and also the texture from the banana. It’s not overly sweet, with a lovely kick from the sour cherries but again, this is mellowed by the banana which adds a natural sweetness. The almond flavour in combination with everything else, texture and flavour, really gives that hint of frangipane. Of course, this recipe would be awesome in the evening too. For a more adult treat, just put in a shot of amaretto in place of the almond extract! It bumps up the calories a little, but still surprisingly virtuous for such a decadent tasting treat!

The Boy gave it a double thumbs off and proceeded to drink the rest of the glass, even though I was going to have that one, it was just for him to taste! Lucky I made a 2 serving portion, the cheeky wotname!

You could add in a few ice cubes and blitz them up with the smoothie for a lovely milkshake feel. Or use the mixture in an ice cream maker – I think that would work well for a tasty dairy free ice cream treat (but maybe not for breakfast!)

So, I hear you cry, I’m boasting about these great stats, but what is the nutritional value, really?

Per serving (recipe serves two)

99 calories
2g fat, of which 0.2g is saturated fat
0mg cholesterol
415mg potassium, about 10% of your RDA
21g carbohydrate
2.7g fibre
11.5g sugar (all naturally present in the fruit – no need to add any!)
19% of your daily vitamin A
18% of your daily vitamin B6
17% of your daily vitamin C
12.5% of your daily vitamin D
26% of your daily vitamin E
24% of your daily calcium

Not a bad start to the day at all, I’m sure you’ll agree. I would think at 99 calories, you could have this smoothie as part of a larger, balanced breakfast, or, if you are on a calorie controlled diet have both servings in one as your breakfast to give you double the above nutrition – that’s a good proportion of vitamins in you before you even walk out of the door!

This is my entry into the Foodies 100 and Almond Breeze competition to create a simple, delicious breakfast smoothie. Let those judges know what you think of my entry by commenting below!


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