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I didn’t post anything about my weight last week because I have been, like many other people, adversely affected the the weather. Instead of cycling to the gym every day, circumstances with work have forced me to get the bus in and sometimes home as well. The pavements are. Icy and treacherous and I cannot face the scramble to the gym in the evenings. I can face it even less because I know that I will have to do more work when I get home anyway and that makes me feel even more tired!

So I am not convinced that the last fortnight has been good for my weigh loss or indeed my weight maintenance. As I write, I am on a train back from an appointment oop North. As I needed to get a rail replacement bus an couldn’t be late, my only option was grab a burger jig for lunch or don’t eat until after 6pm, which I couldn’t face as I was already starving by 11am. Admittedly I choose the smaller portion and the diet drink so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been but by no means am I having a healthy day.

I think my woes are experienced by many others across the country. In a good week I go to the gym four or five times, I eat a range of tasty home cooked meals and I take the leftovers in to work for lunch. Plus I cycle to the office and home again five times a week. And none of this is a hassle, I enjoy the gym, cycling and cooking. But now there’s ice everywhere, I can’t get where I wanna go and my work is occupying every waking minute so I have no time for shopping or cooking and I have very little energy for anything when I do find five minutes for myself.

The best use for snow

How to resolve this first world crisis? Where does one strike the elusive work/life balance? I am telling myself that in a fortnight, once this particular big project is out the way then things will get back to relative normality and if anything, I’ll actually have more time for the lifestyle I want because of all the time off in lieu I will have accrued. But this will last only until the next flurry of snow falls and messes up my cycling or my managers declare the next emergency that I simply must deal with immediately.

This begs the question then, how does everyone else proof their lives against the world? I see people striking down icy streets with purpose and precision, while I stumble and slide at a snail’s pace, terrified of putting my back out at any second. I hear colleagues at work say ‘no’ and determine that they will keep their weekend free for their own plans, thank you very much. And even more surprising, they have actually made exciting plans for the weekend that they won’t be too irked to enjoy. I’m jealous, how do they do it? I think I must have missed a page of the manual somewhere along the line.


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  • I've found it harder getting out with all the ice too. I hope things calm down for you soon at work. You've done really well, so I wouldn't worry too much about a few weeks off. Sometimes life just gets in the way. x


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