New Year Weight Maintenance

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve been giving the scales a break, because it’s Christmas and I could, but time to get back to some serious weight maintanence. Except…

I put on 4lbs!

Yes, I put on 4lbs over Christmas. Oops.

I knew I would have put some on, mainly because I have been snacking absolutely every day. I knocked my drinking back to regular levels this week, so not to worried about that, and went to the gym 4 times as well as doing a lot of cycling, so I kind of hoped that it wouldn’t be that bad – maybe two pounds.

But my New Year’s Resolution is to be more positive and this is a great place to apply that. 4lbs on isn’t the end of the world. I don’t feel like my body has changed at all, so it’s not noticeable. All I need to do is stop snacking again – or at least limit my snacking. Most of the stuff at work is gone already and my Christmas supplies at home are dwindling a bit (although I haven’t even opened that Toblerone yet), so I think so long as I am careful with my treat sizes and eat lots of nice healthy meals the rest of the time, I should get back to normal pretty quickly.

Happy days. So, where are you all at this year? What are your plans and resolutions for 2013?


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0 thoughts on “New Year Weight Maintenance

  • Thanks Sim! I feel like the Toblerone is a badge of honour now lol

  • Wow!! Well done for going to the gym over Christmas!! I took getting off the sofa as exercise for me over Christmas!

    Good luck with your weight loss journey this year and good on you for not opening the Toblerone 🙂

    Sim @ Sim's Life x

  • Happy New Year! Well done with having toblerone in the house and not eating the lot already, I know I would have done!
    Good luck for having a healthy year ahead :o) xx

  • Wow what a BMI, you've done so well and like you say you haven't noticed the 4lb gain so fingers crossed it will melt away without too much effort 😉

  • Happy new year Laura, that's not a bad gain at all, I gained around 7lbs last Christmas. Good luck in reaching your goal x

  • Christmas and snacking go hand in hand don't they!?! I am sure you will lose that 4 lbs soon and stay on track. It is still a really good BMI anyway x


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