Maintaining my weight

So, I’ve been to the gym four times this week and been to town and back (or more) 6 days out of the week. I’ve been eating better than over Christmas, certainly not drinking every day, although I have had two lunches out over the week. So not the perfect week, but not bad either – I’ve been thinking about what I’m doing without being ridiculous about it.

And the Wii says I am now 8st 9lbs with a BMI of 22.31. That’s a slight reduction on last week, but not quite a pound off. I forgot to weigh myself before I drank more morning cup of tea, so I’m assuming that I would actually have lost more. Or I could be clutching at straws. Either  way, I only need to get about 3.5lbs off to get back to where I was at the end of last year and then the weight maintanence can continue!


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  • My post is about maintaining my weight too – only unlike you I put on a pound :-(

    You are doing great x

  • Well done on going the gym, I don't think I'd have the energy for that. Good luck for next week x


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