Weekly weigh in

That’s more like it!

My weight maintaining is going well. I’ve lost the pound I put on last week by eating sensibly, only having one  night out, one night where I had one glass of wine and one night in with friends – counterbalanced with some quite long bike rides, a zumba class, an hour of aerobics and 90 minutes of yoga. I had pizza one night (I won a voucher which expired after two weeks, so I had to. We obviously had to get the biggest size as well, since it was free.)

So all in, I’ve not been depriving myself at all – but been trying to counter with some good home cooking (see my Leek and Potato soup recipe) and I’ve been really enjoying my exercise. Let’s hope I can keep it up!

Good look to all my diet buddies. Only Jane has posted so far this week, but it sounds like she’s having a great time of it in the run up to Christmas! Well done Jane!


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  • Fantastic Laura, I'm so glad your weight is stable. I look forward to joining you in maintaining soon, might be another six months yet for me though. LOL Good luck for next week x


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