Weekly Weigh in

Just getting in on the linky before it’s too late… Will post the results later!!

Edit: so i put on. Basically because the wii wasn’t working on Sunday so I had to weigh myself after a nice lunch and a few glasses of wine down the pub – which in no way takes into account the two Zumba classes, or the hour of aerobics or the fact that I ha been really good and not drunk wine the rest of the week. But I’m still 8 and a half stone and most of the time I am making good choices, so I’m pretty happy with that!


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  • Ah is that why mine doesn't show up but I have you guys on it!?! What is the cut off time? The internet connection has been a nightmare this week and ive hardly been able to do anything on the computer. Your BMI looks good to me x

  • That's bril, even after the wine and lunch, it looks like you've got the hang of this maintaining, well done on all the exercise too. My goal is 8 and half stone, but seems so far away at the moment.


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