The End is Nigh

Well, we’re halfway through the 21/12 and there is no sign yet of the impending apocalypse. Appears like the Mayan calendar gets to the end and then starts back at the beginning for the next cycle, just the same as ours.

I have enjoyed hearing the media coverage of the coming doom though- including a random village in France which is apparently home to an upside down mountain filled with aliens which today, has its population doubled because of the amount of journalists that are stating there waiting to be first on the scene when he fire and brimstone comes.

I also like the idea that Mayans don’t exist any more, when they clearly do, still in Mexico, right where we left them.

My favourite theory about today though is that the date is just symbolic- and it will be our collective commitment to change that will bring in a new era as the next Great Cycle begins. I love the idea that mankind could truly grab hold of its own destiny and make a change for the future. Particularly in the current climate when so many people in this country are suffering in the face of job losses and austerity measures and for what? To pay back a debt owed to who knows, when no real money ever changed hands in the first place.

It would be a great time for humanity to look again at how we live. To ensure the gap between the haves and the have nots is reduced, to try and find a way to get all the food that is out there to the people that need it, to stop the chasing of the almighty dollar to the detriment of your neighbour. But I imagine the sun will set tonight and rise again tomorrow in a world very much unchanged.

Vive la revolution, comrades.


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