Leek and potato soup

I made another super healthy dish yesterday, which I made less healthy by adding some pre-packaged olive oil croutons that I had bought from Approved Food a while ago. It was a lovely filling leek and potato soup using an autumn leek which I pulled straight out the garden and got in the pot, as well as some of the remaining homegrown garlic. It tasted fresh and creamy and was lovely and thick in texture. A great winter warmer.

Leek and Potato Soup
(Serves 2)


Leftover new potatoes – I think only about 100g
One leek
2 cloves garlic
Small bundle of fresh rosemary leaves (also out of the garden!)
Stock cube
Small pinch of salt
Splash of milk, about 30ml


Roughly chop the vegetable ingredients and add to about a pint of boiling water – enough to just cover the veg
Add the stock cube and salt
Simmer for about 15 minutes or until the potato is tender
Add a splash of milk and blend (I find decanting into a pyrex bowl and blitzing with a stick blender is best so the boiling soup doesn’t crack blender jugs and also to stop your pans getting scratched.
Serve – with fattening, high calorie croutons if you like!

Nutritional Info per portion*

100 calories
0.5g fat
22.2g carbohydrate
2.6g fibre
3.1g sugar
2.9g protein
325mg sodium
35% RDA Vitamin C
9% RDA Iron

Croutons – 115 calories and 4g fat!

* Nutritional value calculated using this recipe calculator. Values may vary if you make it yourself, this is just intended as a guide.


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  • It was delicous thanks ray you are my hero x


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