Online fame at last!

Woowee – Ray Mears Extreme Housewifery has just hit 150,000 page views over its existence! It makes me very proud. Thank you all so much for coming along and reading my garbled rubbish, it’s very cool that you’ve stopped by. I feel like a legend in my own lunchtime. 

Indeed, today I discovered that I truly have hit the big time when it comes to internet fame. Nevermind the world record breaking toast mosaic, now me, The Boy and our friends are on Google Street View! I shit you not… Here’s the proof!

Ironically, this was taken on the day I actually blogged about, if you missed it you can read up on my thoughts about Mem-Saab, Leicester here.

So once again, thanks for stopping by. Here’s to hoping I can think of something vaguely interesting to write about tomorrow, and the next day, and so forth. Take her easy people.


Bestselling author and freelance drinks writer. Champion of pubs and breweries. Occasional printmaker.

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  • Congratulations!! AND i love love love your toast mosaic!


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