Money Saving Expert?

I entered to become the UK’s Smartest Shopper with Savoo and somehow, I was selected for the top 10. So last week, I was invited down to London for an interview and sadly yesterday I was told that I had not been selected. Gutted. Not sure who did win yet, I’m sure it will be announced in due course. But my congratulations to the winner.

I’ve been tweeting a couple of the finalists on Twitter and they are really lovely people. In particular I would recommend you check out Claire’s blog, A boy with Asperger’s. She’s a truly inspirational woman and a great writer, so I’m pretty shocked that she didn’t win either!

Me and the judges

It’s been a weird week, the more I thought about the competition, the more excited I got about potentially getting a well promoted blog about money saving which I could use to share my hints and tips with the world.  And of course, there was a £10k prize, which I would have used to slash the mortgage and fulfil a life ambition by going to Rio Carnival next year. And getting a laptop that works. And more. Ah well, easy come easy go. 

Also a bit gutted that I wasted one of my precious days off with The Boy going for the interview now, but at least I managed to spend a couple of hours catching up with an old friend in London while I was there (obviously I’m not bitter or anything).

So, now you’re just stuck with my blogging here. Ray Mears Extreme Housewifery lives on, with not a money saving hint in sight! I’m keeping them all to myself, mwuh ha ha haaaa! Nah, not really. Would you be interested in me blogging about ways to save money, slash your grocery costs, and never pay full price for anything? If you’re interested then I can make it so, just let me know in the comments below.

I’m a poet and I didn’t know it.


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